Suisan's Long List of Links

Here you will find a number of links to places that I either browse for fanfiction, information or just because.   Warnings will appear below links that some people my find offensive, other than that, there is no telling what you'll find in the links I list. Click on Link titles to access the pages.  

The Cascade Library

The only archive left still active in The Sentinel Fandom.   New arrivals, crossovers, seasonal stories, author links and more!  A "must see" place on the 'net for fans!


Immortal Cascade

Home of my co-writer, friend and editor ... CarolROI.  


MGBacke's Artwork

Just what it says ... the home of Lupe's Sentinel artwork.  This is the artist that kindly agreed to do the sketches of my Original Characters, Sean & Caragh McConnel.  Check it out, she's great!


City Of Dreams

Website where you can find digital artwork, done on Bryce, by my friend across the ocean, Ruth Longhurst.  When she's not busy 'doodling' she kindly volunteers to look over my stories in fandoms by other beta-readers aren't familiar with.  Namely, SG-1.



Tired of your boring wallpaper on your personal computer?  Need a photo to use as a background in a photomanipulation?  Check out Webshots!


Novation Productions

A virtual season for The Sentinel where Blair Sandburg doesn't  become a cop!  Several well-known writers from the fandom are a part of this as are a few that are new to the fandom.


The Sentinel Special Editions Project

Disappointed with the ending of a certain episode?  Didn't like the way Dead Drop went?  Did you laugh your butt off at the plot device of "ebola" in Rogue?  Well, you aren't alone and quite a few writers found the courage to rework the stories into something that was more "fan-friendly" or even more "based in reality."  Well worth your time to visit.  Read away and don't forget to LoC!


Coast To Coast AM Radio Talk Show

This show used to be hosted by Art Bell, until Mr. Bell had to retire from broadcasting due to a severe back injury.  It is now hosted by George Noory but it's still a fun, entertaining, informative show on subjects ranging from fantastical to the mundane.  Back when Art was still hosting the show five days a week, he'd broadcast from "The Kingdom of Nye" and was the inspiration behind my writings in the Nye series.


Moller Skycars and More

Moller is well known for automotive and motorcycle mufflers known as Supertraps -- sort of a 'stealth system' for even the most vivacious Harley.  But they're also working on a skycar that will fly, yes fly, 500 miles on a single tank of fuel.  Hoping to see an untethered flight in June or July of 2003 and once they get these babies into production ... I want one!


The Sword Forum

THE place to go to learn about edged weaponry, find a swordsmith or just chat with fellow enthusiasts about the most perfect of weapons ... sharpened steel!  You will have to register to use the various forums, but it's free and SF will not sell your information to anyone.


Bobo Q. Fiendish


This webpage belongs to the son of a friend of mine and his alternate personality.  Bobo is quite brilliant, violent and loves to play with others.   If you're brave enough to explore the site, check out Bobo's Rants and, if you can find it, the one and only Sentinel story that Bobo will ever appear in ... but I keep begging him to come back to Cascade for a return visit!


Ancient American

Place to go when you suddenly realize that your history teachers had it all wrong ... Columbus wasn't the first "European" to set foot on the shores of North and South America! 


Smith & Wesson

Yes, the gun manufacturers, but they make other things too. 


Gould & Goodrich

Police and Military type stuff ... for those writers that like to know what their characters might use.


Blade Tech

Hehehe ... first it was Sword Forum, now here's another site dedicated to my obsession with edged weaponry!  Tactical knives, rescue blades, Multi-tools ... great for Police Ofifcers!


Galls Online

Police, military, EMT and paramedic stuff.  One of the best places to look for things you might need in the field or for gifts for those in your life that are on the front lines as a police officer, deputy, EMT or paramedic.  Humorous tee-shirts can also be found here.



Yeap, more police stuff!  Leather and nylon duty belts and assorted other 'gear.'


Don Hume Leathers

No, this isn't a site for Dominatrix gear ... it more police stuff!  Hand tooled leather belts, holsters, key keepers, and more!  Based in Oklahoma, USA.


Cascade Ammo

A real website!  It's actually a Gun and ammunition shop in Oregon, but I just had to include it!



As in "Janes Gun Recognition Guide" and "Janes Guide To Military Planes" -- used to be open to the public, but you now have to register and join to be able to use it. 


Janes Sentinel

Conected to the Janes site above, this "Sentinel" page keeps track of various international terrorism groups and activities.  Used to be free, back before 11 September 2001, but you now have to buy a membership to be able to do more than scan the surface.


The Drudge Report

An alternate news source that has a definite 'conservative' slant.  Also has links to more online newspapers, trade papers and other 'newsworthy' pages around the world.


The National Underwater & Marine Agency

If you've read about Clive Cussler's Dirk Pitt, you know NUMA.  It's a real organization and well worth your time to stop and check it out.


 Suisan's guilty little pleasures...

The last few links here will show you my latest obsession in fandoms ... just don't laugh if you've never had the pleasure of reading these books or seeing the movies based on them.  Okay?

The Leaky Cauldron

A Blog page for the latest, up-to-date information on anything and everything related to the phenomenon know the world over as Harry Potter!


Muggle Net

Another blog page with more information on The Boy Who Lived.


Fiction Alley

The one and only website to house HP Fanfiction that is legally accepted by Warner Brothers and by the Rowling Estate.  Forums in Fiction Alley Park are informative and fun.  Don't forget to check out The Dark Arts, Schnoogle, Astronomy Tower, Riddikulus and Artistic Alley! 


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