Suisan's Original Characters Page

Yes, this is where you will find photos and a little bit of background on each of my main Original Characters that I've created for my TS FanFic Stories.  Explore deeper into this page -- if you dare -- for there are strong willed women, virle men and fiesty felines galore!

First up in your travels through Suisan's OC Page is the first two characters I created.

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Alicia Andreson and her cat, Saint Germaine

To learn more about Alicia -- Click here

To learn more about Saint Germaine -- Here

 Next up, from my story Secrets, Books and Murder...

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Sean and Caragh McConnel

To learn more about the McConnels -- Click me!

And now, direct from Cascade's Jail and a stint with the United States Marine Corps...

Stacie_Tinted_1.jpg - 29720 Bytes   Piotr.jpg - 59586 Bytes

Stacie Harrington and her feline friend, Piotr!

Yeah, you guessed it -- Click Here -- to find out more about Stacie and her kitty.


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