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No, I am not abandoning The Sentinel, rest easy.  All right?  I just got hit by a major SG-1 bug a few years back while visiting BethB, Chryssalys and others in Pittsburgh in the summer of 2002.  The reason?  Would you believe it was the SG-1 episode, Meridian?  Well, it was.  I was able to finally watch this episode, which I consider a ground breaker - at least for me, and the entire time I was watching I was like, "Dang, I never really noticed before just how close the team is to each other."   That did it.  The musea who reside in my head started chittering away at me, making several suggestions and posing ideas, until my only relief came when, standing in Beth's kitchen, I approached my host/friend/editor and suggested to her I might be willing to write a SG-1 fanfic.  Beth was, to say the least, a little excited.  Out of a small cubby hole, Beth pulled out this really amazing piece of art she'd obtained at a convention.  It was lovely!  And she'd actually gotten the 'rights' from the artist to use this amazing art as a cover for a 'zine.  My musea stopped chittering and went into a full-blown rant.  They wouldn't shut up!   So I flew home, ideas bubbling to the surface of my brain until I was digging into my backpack for a notepad and started scratching ideas out.  On a plane, between Pittsburgh and Dallas/Ft. Worth and then again between DFW and the airport only 3 miles from my house in NW Arkansas.  Then I had to find a transcript, which I did, thanks to the lovely folks over at SG-1 Transcripts List at Yahoo Groups.  Beth never stopped asking if I was writing and if I might be able to finish the story in time to submit it to AllGen Press to appear in the 'zine, All The Roses Falling .  I kept writing, using Beth and a friend in England, Ruth FL, as sounding boards and general support. 

The rest, as they say, is history. 

Below you'll find two Stargate: SG-1 stories by yours truly.  Both have appeared in 'zines by AllGen Press.  Both have recently been 'released' so I can now share them with you.  All I ask is one little favor ... If you like both stories and wish to have them in printed format, with some awesome artwork to go with them, please buy the 'zines from AllGen Press.  It'd please me, and Beth, to no end.  Thanks!

The Stories

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And So It Begins...

The episode of Meridian, from a different perspective.  Originally appeared in the AllGen Press 'zine, All The Roses Falling , still available for purchase.  If you know Meridian, you know this tale ... or do you? 

Find out if you're right.  Absolutely no warnings .


Those Who Venture Into Space

When AllGen Press debuted, many years ago, it did so with the 'zine, Mourning: A Tribute , which was a way for fanfic writers to express their feelings about the attacks of 11 September 2001, through a number of fandoms.  AllGen Press rose to the occasion again, after the Space Shuttle Columbia Incident in February 2003; this time earmarking the proceeds for a Children's Fund for the surviving children of the seven astronauts who'd died so the kids would have the funds to attend college.  This story was my contribution.  The 'zine was High Flight and is still available from AllGen Press.  Please, if you support our Space Program and would like to help make a difference in the lives of the children left behind, please buy a copy of High Flight .    Absolutely no warnings .


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(This will make some people groan, and others delieriously happy ... I'm thinking of writting yet another SG-1 story, just need to find the motivation.)