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You've entered the world of Suisan's Senfiles, too!  Here you will find stories that you thought were by Suis, but couldn't find on her main Stories Page.

One Night
Archived @ 852 Prospect. 
My first foray into the world of Adult/Het fiction.  This story was the source of much "ooohing" and "aaahing" by the person I wrote it for -- Ajinitami.

Shaman's Heart
A Novation Production's Episode
Co-Written with CarolROI.
Someone is cutting a swath through Cascade using very ancient methods.  Split into two major parts, four acts in each part.  Thanks to Izzy and BethB for their assistance.

A TSSEP Episode
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Disappointed with Rogue when it originally ran?  Think there were some scenes you could've lived without seeing?  Well, so did CarolROI and I, which is why we volunteered to revamp this episode for The Sentinel Special Editions Project.  Hopefully, we made the episode a little more believable and less laughable.  *grin*
Curious?  Good!
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