Poetry Evolution

By Suisan & BethB



Here's the intro we used at the lists, written by Beth, to explain what happened here.


A few months ago, I was trying to work on a poem, and having absolutely no
luck.  I IM'd Suisan to bounce some ideas off her.  The only part of the poem
I had was the last four lines -- they just appeared out of the blue.  When I
showed them to Suis, she started pouring out lines that began to take shape
as a completely different poem from the one I was working on.


What follows is the final version of the poems that resulted from our discussion and our project.  The rest of the project, all 19 some odd parts {showing the progression and evolution of our poems} was posted only to the SentinelAngst List and TSGenFic List in an effort to show other writers how a poem might start off with just a few lines and spiral out from there. 


We hope you enjoy this, and perhaps come away with an appreciation of the art of poetry.




Now let's see the end results, shall we?


Go to Suisan's first Poem -- Immolation


Go to Beth's Poem -- Brass Ring (Posted to the 'Net as of 14 January, 2002!)


Go to Suisan's second poem -- Inner Honor


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