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This is the place I've chose to house all my writings in what is commonly known as Fan Fiction.  most are based on, or around, The Sentinel -- which ran on UPN from approximately 1996 to 1999 with only sixty-five episodes canned.  The three men in the picture above are, respectively, Captain Simon Banks - Commander of the Major Crime Division of the Cascade Police Department.  Detective Lieutenant James "Jim" Ellison and Undergraduate/Police Observer/All But Dissertation Anthropologist Blair Sandburg.

You may also, from time to time, run across other fandoms and poetry on my pages ... just so you're not caught unawares.

 So ... what made The Sentinel so special to me?  How about a Detective with "hyperactive" senses?  That's right, The Sentinel isn't just any ordinary cop show, it had this wonderful little twist -- a detective who was a "walking, talking forensic crime lab" but he needed someone to help keep him grounded, functional and, most of all -- SANE.  Enter one totally bouncy, hyperactive, more curious than your average feline Anthropology student from the nearby University.  Who, by some strange coincidence, had been studying people with "one or two hyperactive senses but never found anyone with all five!"  And let us not forget the other, more endearing, quality angle of The Sentinel -- the friendship.  But you know that or you wouldn't be here hunting for my fanfiction tales set in The Sentinel fandom.

When I first started writing fanfiction for The Sentinel, I didn't have a webpage of my own and several folks were willing to host my stuff.  You can still access some of my stories through alternate websites, namely ...

The Cascade Library (an archive of fanfiction for The Sentinel) and at my cowriter's webpage --  CarolROI's Immortal Cascade .


Any and all characters recognizable from The Sentinel are owned/copyrighted by the following: Pet Fly Productions, United Paramount Network and Paramount Studios.  Any characters recognizable from other Television, Movie or Books will be credited in the stories they appear in.  I am making absolutely no money from this creative endeavor of mine (much to the disgust of my family) and should you opt to come after me in some sort of legal litigation, here is what you'll get in return for your troubles:  Two to three persnickety felines, a very eclectic collection of books, a huge pile of medical and student debts and one slightly used, former active duty US Marine who just happens to be one hell of a cop.

                     (And you thought my interest in a cop show was strictly due to the lovely eye-candy... didn't you? )

By the by ... if Original Characters aren't your cuppa tea ... you might want to avoid my tales.  My OC's are as follows: Alicia Anderson, Saint Germaine aka SanJee, Stacie Harrington, Piotr, Brodie Harris, Richard Johansen, Brigadier General (USMC) Patrick "Paddy" Harrington, Chief of Detectives Sean McConnel and his wife, Doctor of Anthropology Caragh "Mike" Michaels-McConnel.  If you're a writer and wish to play with one of the above characters, please feel free to drop me a line.  (E-Mail Link Provided Below)

Now, on to the stories !


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Yeappers, I'm a country-gal from Arkansas and ... NO!  I do not cheer on the local University's Basketball, Football or Baseball teams, but to be truthful ... the Arkansas Razorbacks have one Hellacious

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Nope, wasn't a "Bandie", I was a Choral Member, but I associated with a great number of band & orchestra members.





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