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Poetry I contributed to a Charity fanzine has been released for Internet publication.  To visit the poems, plus a few haiku, please click the graphic above or go below to the 'Zine listing.

I will never forget ... but someday I may forgive ... 11 September 2001

The Nye Series

I never meant to start a series, I only intended to answer a challenge posted to one of my message groups, but it managed to spiral out of control.  I've only a few stories in the series at this point, about five, but there are many more planned for future publication to this website.


Land Of Nye

What happens when you combine a case of insomnia, a series of robberies, a new neighbor, a game of basketball, a clown and a feisty black kitten?  Jim Ellison and Blair Sandburg are about to find out.   


Nye Until Dark

Jim and Blair find out more about their new neighbor and her cat.  There's more there than meets the eye, but what is it?   


Danger Is Nye

She's just doing her job but she's doing it in Jim's territory and it's a little bloody.  Can the friendship between Jim, Blair and Alicia Andreson survive the consequences of her job duties?   


The Tale Of Saint Germaine

Some of the scenes behind the scenes of Danger Is Nye, from a unique point of view.  How unique?  Read on and you shall see.   


Night Moves

A little case of miscommunications leds to a very interesting night in the City of Cascade, Washington.  (Minor crossover between the Nye Series and Hard Times.)   


Thrill of the Hunt

In hunting, the kill is not always the best part.  21 September 2003


Echoes Of Nye

Coming evenually...

Ellison, Sandburg and Andreson have more in common than even they suspect and he's coming to Cascade with only one thing on his mind -- revenge against the people he feels ruined his life and a reunion with the partner he left to die.  (Will be crossover with StarGate SG-1, The Pretender and with a special appearance by the OFC from Hard Times - Stacie Harrington.)




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Stand Alones (sorta)

Stories that may, or may not, converge into the Nye series or that just had to be told anyway.  A few of them, okay quite a few, are humorous and some are down right heartwarming.   


Hard Time

It was supposed to be a simple interview with an informant inside the Cascade County/City Detention Center.  Does Detective Blair Sandburg have what it takes to save his partner?  Originally submitted as a piece in the SentinelAngst Creative Endeavors Contest.


Secrets, Books And Murder

An old college mate of Blair's has a secret to hide, one that's connected to a series of thefts of rare books, and she's in Cascade for the first time in many years.  Can Blair and Jim ferret out the secret Caragh McConnel's hiding before the fecal matter hits the atmospheric oscillator or before her husband, Detective Sean McConnel, shows up from Arkansas? 

(Crossover with The X-Files and The Pretender)

Part One    Part Two   Part Three   Part Four   Part Five   

Part Six

Part Seven    Part Eight    Part Nine    Part Ten    

Part Eleven


Recitative Rainbow aka The Boog'n Bass

Covert operations lead to an interesting day for Capt. Simon Banks.  Will the Captain be able to guess who the culprit is before he or she confesses?


Pumpkin Patch Pervert: The Sequel

Co-written with Mary Shukes and a follow-up to the tale, Pumpkin Patch Pervert by Taleya.     Not sure Taleya's tale is up on the web anymore.

Jim Ellison made an arrest he'd rather forget, but what kind of friends would the crew of the Major Crime Division be if they didn't remind him of it?


The Mad Season Cycle

Co-written with CarolROI.

Thirteen stories, set to the music by Matchbox Twenty.  Takes place after the events portrayed in the episode Murder 101.  


Immortal End Game

Co-written with CarolROI.

Set in Carol's Immortal-verse.  An old acquaintance of Diandra Pallas' is in Cascade with a hidden agenda.  Can the relationship between Companion and Champion, Sentinel and Guide survive the arrival of Diandra's old friend?  


Sense Of Wonder

Remember how Blair told Jim that he'd studied people with two or three heightened senses, but never one with all five?  Well, one of those subjects is back, needing Blair's help and Jim doesn't throw a fit over the idea. <G>


Shop With A Cop

'Tis the season for the annual shopping event for Cascade PD and this time, Major Crime gets the call.  Can Jim survive the holiday event? Christmas/Winterfest/Yuletide Holiday fic.  


A Friend To Me

My first attempt at what is known as song-fic.  For this story I used a song by Garth Brooks off his album, Sevens .


A Bright Light Is Gone

In December of 1999, I and several others received word that a dear friend had passed away, Lucy Hale.  Fortunately, this was not true.  However, we didn't find out until after I had written this tale.  Lucy, you have touched so many with your bright light, thank God the story of your demise was greatly exaggerated.


Inner Voices

I don't often do poetry, but this time it worked for me.  The POV switches back and forth between Blair and Jim, managing to tell a story while doing so in an economy of words.  Free Prose Verse.


A Giftfic For Jules

In October of 1999, a dear friend of mine from Lieden, in the Netherlands, was struck down by a severe 'lab accident.'  Julie Goldwyn, aka Jules, fought against the odds for many months and during that time I AIM'd with her, wrote her often and she requested a story (or as many as our writer's list could generate) to help her get through the hard times.  Jules sadly passed away in early 2000 after a long and torturous battle.  My dear sweet Jules, you will live in my heart forever. First posted to Sentinel Angst List in November 1999.  


For The Record...

What happens when micro-recorders get mixed up?  Major dose of JimEmbarressment and a chance to see Ellison do something you'd never guess he could do.  


Poetry Evolution

 Written in conjunction with BethB.  

Two poems, starting from nearly the same point, but very different in nature and then spawned a third poem by Suisan.  Originally posted to SentinelAngst List as a way to show the progression of poetry to non-poets.  What you'll find here is the finished results.


What If?

Written for CarolROI and Chryssalys.  Originally posted to the SentinelAngst List and TSGenFic.  A Vignette.  A brief glimpse inside two minds during the events of Sentinel, Too - Part One.  


Manhood's Fruitful End

Irrevernt humor.  Not for the easily offended.  Written under the influence, tongue-in-cheek, not raunchy but trying to get a laugh.  My birthday giftfic to myself.  09 JAN 03       


More Than A Passing Throught

Set in the Stray Thoughts universe by Chryssalys.  Months after she passed away, Jim Ellison finds himself reflecting on the impact a certain Great Dane made in his life.  A loving tribute to Grania O'Malley.  14 JAN 03



Crossover.  While waiting anxiously for the latest release by a favorite author, someone falls into very strange circumstances.  Not your usual crossover with this particular universe.  02 SEPT 03

Original Characters Page

Okay, I'll admit it, I create original characters (both female, male and other) and have decided to give you, the reader, a chance to see the people I modeled my characters on.  If you want to see what Alicia Andreson, Stacie Harrington, Saint Germaine, Piotr and the McConnel's look like...  Go HERE.

BTW -- The pictures of Caragh and Sean McConnel are original artwork by MGBacke.  Please visit her website to see just how amazing her artwork is.  MGBacke's Page.

Links Page

I've gotten a few letters asking me where I get my facts, or ideas, for my stories so I decided to give you a few links to the places on the Internet that fascinate me.   Enter at Your Own RISK .

Author's Works in 'Zines!

There are a few stories in the works for publication to Fanzines. 

Several of my haiku and other poetry works appear in the 'zine by AllGen Press, Mournings .  Mournings is a very special 'zine and crosses all manner of Fandoms and was the effort of very special people who needed to do more for the people who lost loved ones in the attacks of 11 September 2001.  Portions of the sales for Mourning are earmarked for several charities.  My work has been released for Internet Publication, so if you wish to check it out, and see a new poem written 365 days after the fact, please go HERE.

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